hey, it's been a minute, hasn't it?

no updates to the gallery, given I have less than 4hrs of hobby time a week. That's not much room to put meaningful effort into a drawing, finish the new site template, or do much else. I'm not sure when this situation is going to change, it could be as far out as a year.

Gonna officially announce hiatus in this case, but however long it takes, I'm doing my best not to ditch the site, or creative endeavours...


was away hiking, domz are punishing me for being out of the gym. gimme a break, i climbed the same mountain one and a half times.

other than some new artwork an info section has been added, feel free to email me about the weather.


can't believe i had some dialup-ass bias against iframes, they make updating so much smoother.

the past month has been a renewed webdev obsession for me, but now it's safe to say the current rendition meets the goals i set for hosting an art gallery. all that remains is... make some worth posting.